Top Ten Reasons To Live in Naples Florida

#1 Florida City to Live, Retire or Own 2nd Home

Naples, Florida

Is Naples Florida a Good Place to Live?

As a Naples native, one of the most frequent questions I’m asked is, “Is Naples, Florida a good place to live?” You may be thinking, “Is Naples safe?, “What’s the weather like in summer?” or “Are there lots of fun things to do?” Those are just some of the many questions that may be on your mind if you are thinking of moving here, looking or a second home or potential retirement.

When considering Naples you may be waivering between the Gulf Coast and the East Coast of Florida. You might wonder, “what is it that sets Naples apart from other cities in Florida?” Soon, the differences become crystal clear. The benefits of living in Naples over other Florida areas are tremendous in most every way.

Without further ado, here’s the top ten reasons why Naples, Florida is hands-down the best place to live in Florida and quite possibly the world!

10. Beaches – The Naples, Florida beachfront stretches for over 7 miles and contains some of the cleanest sand and Gulf waters that you will ever experience. Naples beaches are some of the best in the world. They often make top 10 lists of the best beaches around the world. Recently Dr. Beach, Stephen Leatherman, included Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park beach in Naples, FL and nearby Barefoot Beach in his Top 10 Beaches for 2014.

Beach photo whith Naples pier in background and person walking

Looking South to Naples Pier

9.   Safety & Low Crime – Naples is a safe city compared to the rest of Florida and the nation. According to, the Naples crime rate is far below both the Florida and National average. “The crime rate in Naples is less than 63% of the cities in Florida and Naples is safer than 53% of the cities in the nation.” Furthermore, “there are a total of 95 Naples police officers. This results in 4.7 police officers per 1,000 residents which is 10.8% greater than the Florida average and 43.9% greater than the National average.”

8.   Architecture & Greenery – Unobstructed views of the beach and Gulf of Mexico are a Naples hallmark. Homes in Old Naples are not surrounded by tall, overbearing buildings that block the sun and skyline. The local government has strong restrictions on signs, billboards and building height in the city of Naples. A prime example of our strict sign regulations is the “golden arches” on US 41 North. Instead of the usual 30 foot high signs that you see in most cities, Naples has a small McDonald’s sign down on the ground. You won’t see that most places in the United States or even internationally. Or put another way, you can easily tell you’ve hit Bonita Springs or Ft. Myers on US 41 just by the large signs shouting their slogans for all to see. In contrast, Naples keeps your focus on the Neapolitan architecture and natural, tropical greenery all around.

7. DiningNaples has some of the best dining in the U.S. Some favorite Naples restaurants are Truluck’s, Chops City Grill, Mereday’s Fine Dining and The Turtle Club right on Vanderbilt Beach (park your toes in the sand while you dine!), just to name a few.

6. Pristine The word, pristine, comes up often when explaining Naples to an outsider. In another word, clean. It best describes the litter-less streets, low crime, small signs, clean beaches, expertly shaped landscaping and conscious efforts of residents to keep it that way. Neapolitans respect their piece of paradise and work hard to ensure its beauty.

5. Boating, Fishing, Golf –  Naples has a plethora of things to do in the great outdoors. Fishing and golf are not hobbies here, they are ways of life. Naples has some of the best waterfront in the world. Growing up in Naples, we fished late into the night at lighted docks and the Naples Fishing Pier. We caught snook and snapper right off the dock and ate them soon after — now that’s fresh seafood!

And then there is the golf. As a top golfing destination, Naples has over 70 golf courses to choose from. Many homebuyers want to live in Naples golf communities regardless of their level or desire of play. Many of the higher-end luxury homes are in golf communities like Talis Park, MediterraGrey Oaks, Collier’s Reserve and Quail West. There’s something about being able to drive your golf cart from your garage right to the first tee without getting in the car.

Naples Beachfront Homes for Sale4. Sunsets Sunsets in Naples are very special. Around the time of the setting sun, if you venture down any of the Old Naples avenues that end at the Gulf, you are bound to be shoulder to shoulder with several others looking West. When the sun hits the horizon put your cocktail down and join the clapping, for you have just witnessed one of the most sacred moments on the Gulf: Sunset. And if you’re lucky, one day – if you don’t blink – you will see the elusive “green flash.”

3.   Weather – Naples weather has average air temperatures of 77 degrees Fahrenheit. The hottest summer months are July, August and September. The best weather months are November through May where there is little rain and less humidity. Gulf water temperatures range from the 60’s in the winter to the mid 80’s from spring through fall.

Fifth Ave South Naples, FL

Fifth Ave South in Olde Naples, FL

2. Downtown Old Naples Old Naples is the heartbeat of the city. Don’t let the name fool you. Nothing in this downtown area looks “old.”

Old Naples is the cultural essence of the city. It’s where Naples began as a tiny fishing village. Among the new homes and buildings, several historic beach cottages still remain as reminders of the early history of Naples dating back to the 1900’s.

Today, it’s where Third Street South and Fifth Avenue South districts define the modern Neapolitan lifestyle.  Specialty shops and outdoor cafes dot the sidewalks in these quaint, yet sophisticated local hot spots. Besides dining, dancing and a bit of nightlife, cultural festivals and art shows are common here on the weekends from November through Easter.

& Drumroll ………

1. The People – This one is easily #1. Neapolitans come from all around the world mid-westerners, New Yorkers, Canadians, Europeans and everything in-between. Naples is a global melting pot with one common denominator: “Everyone is extremely happy to live in this little piece of paradise.” This attitude shows on the suntanned faces of most everyone you’ll meet.

Once you’ve experienced it for yourself, I’m sure you will agree that Naples, Florida may be one of the best places to live and enjoy life you could ever find. You may even decide to buy your own piece of paradise and become a neighbor and fellow Neapolitan.

If you’d like to explore real estate in Naples, Florida, please feel free to browse our listings.



Top Ten Reasons To Live in Naples Florida — 54 Comments

  1. Hello, I’m looking to dock my 25 ft sailboat in Florida, do you have any homes that would rent me a slip? Thanks

    • Home prices are on the rise in the Naples area. I would suggest putting money down on new construction or a resale as soon as you are able to. Please call our office at 239-417-1115 we would be happy to find you the perfect home to begin anew.

  2. Just make sure you have a couple million In the bank and an income that will,permit you to maintain the lifestyle. Be prepared to dress Well any time you step out of the house. The are plenty of beaches but I am not sure how much of them are accessable to the public.

    • Hi Elaine, thanks for the comments. You can live comfortably in Naples for a lot less than a million bucks. The average home price is closer to $250,000. Most people wear shorts and flip flops. All the beaches are public access, even the ones in front of $70 million dollar homes in Port Royal!

    • live in northeast husband suddenly died parents live in naple fl want me to move there what is a good place for me to live with kid in naples fla

      • Sorry to hear about your husband. Many neighborhoods close to schools are loaded with families with kids. It really depends on your price range and needs. Kids are welcome in most every neighborhood in Naples. I’d start by deciding which school is right for your child and then narrow it down by deciding how close you’d like to be to other facilities in Naples like the beach and shopping.

  3. My wife and our 2 boys ( currently 15 and 12) are considering a move to southwest florida in 1 or so year. This would make my older son a freshman at college and younger son freshman in high school. We both work in the medical field her an RN and myself Medical Sales. Anyone have recommdation for a employment agency, high school, colleges and locations in and around fort myers. Thank you

  4. Hi Mark, I’ve been searching for a new home. I’m in my mid 50’s with two kids 17 & 21. I need steady work with good pay and a modest home. Kids need to work as well. I’m not a rich lady and work hard. Wondering if there are larger companies hiring that have a retirement plan as well health ins. for families that doesn’t cost your right arm. Good old working class family not ready to retire. I do own my own home and would like to relocate in about 1.5 yrs. Any advise will be greatly appreciated. Thank you and Happy New Year!!

  5. We are looking to retire in less than a couple of years. We are wondering what we could get for our price range….up to 200,000.00. We are mostly interested in outdoor living…so view of some water if possible…and upper story 2 bedroom condo. Could be one bedroom. We are also interested in what we might be looking at regarding hoa fees, taxes and insurance. Thank you

  6. I’ve seen good prices in the “Naples Manor” area but i’ve seen the crime rate in this neighborhood is pretty high, is this accurate?

    • Naples Manor has always been relatively low priced compared to the rest of Naples. For Naples, it’s a very run down neighborhood that isn’t well taken care of. In my opinion, prices reflect this fact. Of course there are homeowners in there who do take good care of their properties. They need to band together to improve all the homes in Naples Manor and ensure property values rise accordingly.

      We wouldn’t know about crime in neighborhoods. You would need to contact the Collier County Sherif’s office for crime information.

  7. What can you get from about $250000 to $30000 for a retirement type home and whats the insurance run down there for a home?


    • John, There are many different options for properties ranging from Single Family homes to Villas & Condos but it depends on your needs and preference. Insurance rates will depend on what year a home was built and location but roughly $1500-$2000/year would be a good estimate. I will email you for more details on your home search.

  8. My husband and I are looking to move from Winter Park to Naples in the next 6 months. We have a 1 year old and almost 4 year old. How are the public schools and where is the best place to look to rent for a bit before we buy for young families?? We would like to be close to parks, grocery, and not too far from the beach.

  9. Hello,
    We are trying to buy a condo in Naples, our price range is $120,000. We’re not sure where to look and what’s a good location. We’ve heard that we have to apply and they have to approve you if you buy a condo, and there’s some other rules…is this true? What’s the whole procedure? Please comment and let me know where to look exactly. Thank you.

    • Hi Alda,
      We will send you some properties to your email address in your price range in some good locations in the Naples area. First you need to have a contract on a property before you apply to the association. You will also get copies of the rules & regs, condo docs, budget and other items to review. Although the condo association must approve your application, you must approve of the documents or you may cancel the contract in writing within the allotted 3-day period for resale condos. Please call our office to speak to an expert Realtor who can walk you through the entire process. 239-417-1115

  10. My wife and I are retiring in the next year or two. We live in Jacksonville. We have never been to Naples. We would like to get some information on Naples. Can you provide some literature for us?

  11. Hi! Love these posts! We are from Chicago and are thinking of moving to Naples. My husband is a heavy equipment operator. is this type of job needed there? How is the home building market there? We also have two middle school age kids. Is there stuff for them to do there?

    • Hi Mary,
      Sure there is lots of construction going on and need for equipment operators. Yes, there would be plenty for your kids to do. Kids in Naples do sports year round plus there is tons to do at the beach and on the water. From fishing to paddle boarding and more.

      Give our office a call at 239-417-1115.

    • Heavy equipment operators are paid between 14.00 and 20.00 per hour. Home building is moving along at a steady pace (I’d say a decent 3bedroom in a secure neighborhood should be 175,000 to 215,000) and don’t forget the HOA dues and taxes and insurance. You won’t be living in house on the beach for anything less than 400,000.

  12. Mark,
    I just started to look in the area of these 3 High Schools – Gulf Coast, Barron and Golden Gate. My husband, myself and my 10th Grade daughter want to move Jan 1st. I am coming on Nov 1st for 2 days – I am either going to concentrate on finding a rental or if I feel confident about understanding the market there I would prefer to buy. Of coarse I am getting a lot of information from several agents and websites. What I am hearing from agents is that those ZIP codes are selling well but under $200 for a 2BD 2 Bath are not desirable, the market is up 14% this year – but what I am finding on-line is that there are a lot of sales in the lower to mid $100s. I am able to rent for a year and have found several year rentals for $1300 – $1500. If you can offer any advise or recommendations, I would appreciate it

  13. I am a Service and Parts Manager at an automotive dealership and looking to relocate my family to Naples. My wife and I have a 10 year old and are looking for a great place to raise a family. What are the job prospects like for the automotive industry in that area?

  14. Mark, my wife and I plan to retire within the next two years and are planning to move to the great state of Florida. We have no children at home but do have a couple of horses. My wife is an avid rider in the disciplines of Dressage and Eventing ( dressage, show jumping, and cross country jumping). We visited Naples last year and loved the community. My sister, who lives in Marco Island was our tour guide. We are going to visit again this Christmas while we are in the local area. For us to move that direction, we need information into equine stables in the local area. We are very active people in our early 50’s so this is very important to us. Any help would be appreciated. Information as to which neighborhoods to visit on our next trip would be great.

  15. Hi. Thanks for this information. I’m looking to buy in Naples as a retirement investment and my mom would live in the home for now (she would relocate from Myrtle Beach, SC while I stay in NYC). Looking for two bed/two bath with very little carpet. Please contact me. Thanks!

    • Hi Heather,

      Thanks for reaching out. Naples sounds like the perfect place for your mom and you (eventually). I will have one of my best agents, Steve, contact you. You can reach us by phone as well at 239-417-1115.

      Mark Weber, Broker & Owner

  16. Looking for a condo in Naples, Florida under $90,000.00. Looks like inventory is low right now. If anything comes up new, please let me know. Thanks, Nancy

  17. Dear Mark,
    My wife and I are both neurologists and we are thinking to move to Naples and work there, we have a 2-yr old boy, do you think that is a good idea to work in Naples, or is it just a touristic place that neurologists are in no need? Please advise…

    • Hi Rob,

      Thanks for your comments. Yes, I definitely see a high demand for neurologists in Naples. I’ve seen one myself for a spinal issue and there was a hefty wait for an appointment. Also, Dr. David Perlmutter, MD, FACN, ABIHM is a Board-Certified Neurologist who has become a celebrity for his writings and lectures has a thriving private practice in Naples, Florida.

      We have a 4yr old and 9yr old. I’ve lived everywhere from California to Switzerland. Naples is definitely my number one choice for living and raising a family.

      Feel free to contact me to speak more about Naples.

  18. Nice article – why no mention of families? I realize Naples is known as a retirement place – my wife and I are considering relocating to Naples with our elementary and middle school children. What is it like there for families like ours?

    • Hi Reg,
      You’re right! Naples is a great place to raise a family. I personally have a 4 yr old and 9 yr old. Naples is ideal because children don’t get exposed to sights like strip clubs or the like when driving down the street. The schools are great here, bot public and private. Children spend a lot of time outdoors in sports which keeps them active and healthy. I definitely need to update the article to include Naples families! Thanks. Derek from my office should have contacted you, if not, please let us know how we can help. – Mark Weber, Broker & Owner

  19. Just bought a house in Naples and couldn’t be more excited! In the Oakes Estates area. It was a great priceaand sits on just over 2.5 acres :)

  20. Good Morning,
    I have lived on the east cost of Florida for thirty something years now. I am in the process of getting my 440 insurance license and have many years of admin experience. I am seriously considering taking the leap of faith, and moving to the beautiful west coast. Can someone advise on where the most reasonably priced city to live? I am a single professional with a beautiful very small, very quiet shih tzu. I am currently in Sanford ….not my cup of tea, have loved in South fl for most of my life. So in closing looking for employment and a peaceful place to live. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Erika,
      Naples is the crown jewel on the West Coast. It can be quite pricey close to the beach but there are still some deals out there on foreclosures if you know where to look. We would be happy to assist you find the perfect Naples home. Call our office to speak to a real estate expert (239) 417-1115.

  21. Hello,
    After a recent visit to the Fort Meyer area me and my wife fell in love with south west Florida.
    We are considering renting for a year after purchasing a suitable piece of land to build a monolithic home on. Can you direct me to anyone that can related prices on vacant land? We’re hoping to pursue our careers in H.V.A.C. Sales and Network Security in paradise.
    I’m looking forward to your reply. Thank you!

  22. Hello, my husband and I live in Miami, FL and would like to move to Naples to raise our 2 year old. I work in Medical Coding/Billing and my husband work in the corporate office of a leasing and selling heavy machinery for construction companies, which he’s wanting to change careers if needed. How and where do you recommend we do 1St ? We need guidance, what places are good to live in and good for daycare and school. We are willing to lease an apartment but we don’t know where to begin ? Please help :)

    • Hi Gloria, making the move to Naples is a great choice! Although I like visiting Miami for a day or so, Naples is much more laid back and easygoing. I’d be happy to set you up with one of my real estate agents that can help you find the ideal place close to day care and schools for your 2-year old. Please call the office at 239-417-1115 and we will help you get on the right track!

  23. Would like to know the best place to work, go out and live would be for a 50 year old woman who has an active lifestyle. I’m looking to rent a condo for starts.

    • Hi Theresa, Olde Naples is a great place to live downtown for someone with an active lifestyle. You have plenty of nightlife and the beach is right there for walking, running and swimming. Another good area for an active lifestyle would be Pelican Bay. You should be able to find a condo to rent in Pelican Bay on our website. Please call our office at 239-417-1115 to speak to a Realtor who can assist you.

    • Hi,
      I live in Lincoln NE and want to move to Fl.
      I am a 53 year old white female.
      I am very active like to swim, ride my bike,
      And like the nite life as well


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