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How Seller Motivation Affects Your Offer Price

The most common “motivated seller” is someone who has already bought his or her next home or is relocating to a new area. They will be under the gun to sell the home quickly or face the prospect of making two mortgage payments at the same time. Since that can drain a bank account quickly, most sellers want to avoid such a situation and may be willing to negotiate more.

There are also family crises that can motivate a seller to make a quick deal. However, when you see a real estate ad that mentions “divorce,” “motivated seller,” “relocation,” or something to that affect, beware. Although the facts may be true, that does not necessarily mean the seller is motivated to make a quick and costly sale. Most likely, the ad is more designed to generate phone calls and leads rather than sell that particular home.

However, there are times when a seller is truly distressed and willing to make a quick sale. With the seller’s permission, the listing real estate agent will pass this information on to interested parties and post the information with the listing in the Multiple Listing Service.


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