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Lockbox – Yes or No?

A lockbox is a key box with a cavity inside where a key to your home, and perhaps the clubhouse, can be stored for access by real estate agents or qualified professionals. Only a Realtor or a professional (like a home inspector) with an electronic key or the combination can get into the lockbox and access the key that will open your home.

Having a lockbox available at your house makes it easy for other agents to get access to your house without having to go by the real estate office and pick up a key or wait for the listing agent to arrive.

The electronic lockboxes we use at White Sands Realty store the data of the agent who accessed the lockbox, including when they accessed it and all their basic contact information. This makes using an electronic lockbox on your home very secure. The eclectronic lockboxes we use are blue in color. Older grey models were replaced a few years ago.

Often agents who don’t want to pay for the electronic lockbox, prices can range from $70.00 to $100.00 or more, purchase cheaper combination lockboxes. Anyone can get a combination lockbox at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Combination lockboxes are often used on foreclosures. Real estate agents listing foreclosed properties for the lender often list many foreclosed homes and don’t want to spend the money on expensive electronic lockboxes.

Electronic lockboxes also shut off after 8:00 PM to prevent anyone from accessing your home at night. Your Realtor can set the times on the lockbox to specific hours or even require a special code to be entered for access. A special code is another level of security and makes certain that the showing agent called your Realtor first to make an appointment.

The problem with combination lockboxes is that the code can be given to anyone and there is no data stored with regard to who entered the home or when. An unscrupulous agent may give the code out freely to a buyer or nosy neighbor. This is against the rules but once the code is out there anyone could enter the home at anytime.

Many Naples luxury homes do not choose to have any lockbox installed. These million dollar homes and above are usually show personally by the listing agent or his assistant.

Many times a real estate agent will hide a lockbox so that it’s not right on the front door. This prevents agents who don’t have a scheduled appointment from barging in and/or mistaking the home for another. Many times agents will see the lockbox on the front door and assume it’s the correct home or a buyer will see the box and ask the agent to “just peek inside.” Entering a lockbox without an appointment is against the rules under any circumstance. Unless the listing agent has specifically stated that “No Appointment is Required.” In any case, hiding the lockbox on the side of the home or on a water spigot can prevent these mistakes and rule breakers from entering your home.

Your listing contract specifies whether you allow a lockbox or not. A lockbox can only be removed from the door or item it is attached to by the listing agent who has the key and special code. Real estate agents who have access to the key in the box cannot remove the box from your door because they do not possess that unique code.


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