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Multiple Listing Service or MLS

MLS or Multiple Listing Service, like our local MLS of Naples or Sunshinemls, are online listing databases that allow Realtor members to efficiently market real estate to other agents.

The MLS includes all the information on each listing including the commission rate offered to cooperating brokers. Much of this information is proprietary and real estate agents and brokers are not allowed to post it on their websites.

Your listing contract should specify whether or not the house will be listed with your local MLS and what terms your agent is offering to cooperating real estate agents. It is definitely in your interest to have the house listed through the MLS. Your sales force is automatically multiplied by thousands of agents who are members. If your house is not listed, then you only have one agent working for you instead of an army.

Additionally, the MLS will have data feeds that your agent may allow to be syndicated to third parties who list your home on even more websites like, and (to mention just a few). Your Realtor should check all the proper participation avenues to make certain these feeds include your listing.

The name of the game with today’s Internet savvy buyer is to make your property available anywhere and everywhere across the Internet.

Sellers Beware: Some real estate agents do not want to sell your property with another agent involved. Their goal is to “sell both sides” as we say in the real estate industry. This means they get the whole commission to themselves instead of sharing half with a buyer’s agent. This is beneficial to them but rules out that army of agents that can help expose your listing to the masses and perhaps get your home sold faster.

After your home is listed for several days, check the major sites like Zillow, Trulia and local websites like ours at White Sands Realty to make sure your home is out there for every buyer to see. If not, check your listing agreement first then ask your agent why. Check the sites again after a few days pass to see if they rectify the situation.

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