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Naples Florida “Miami without the Glitz” – New York Times

Mark Weber, Broker/Owner of White Sands Realty, enjoys reviewing articles and information that is relevant to buying or selling homes in Naples.

The recent New York Times article featuring Naples, Florida gave some insight on the writer’s experience when spending “36 Hours In Naples” getting a feel for the community.  The journalist made a comparison between Naples and Miami… saying Naples is “Miami without the Glitz” and noted how many affluent Mid-westerners chose Naples for it’s luxury lifestyle without all the hustle and bustle of a big city like Miami.

New York Times journalist Ted Loos commented, “IF you filtered all the glitz out of Miami, you’d get Naples, Fla. This small Gulf-side city has a pleasingly anodyne quality that’s worlds away from the cosmopolitan bustle found only a two-hour drive due east, on the opposite coast. Affluent Mid-westerners, who have adopted Naples as a getaway from nasty Northern weather, bring a certain oh-gosh air to town. Don’t be surprised if you keep seeing the same faces over and over — these snowbirds might move at a slower pace than the Miami set, but they get around.”

Mr. Weber agrees with that assessment and adds, “Naples has the sophistication and luxury homes but is more laid back than the East coast of Florida. We see many home buyers coming to Naples to get away from the congestion and “glitz” of Miami. It’s funny says Mr. Weber, “people in Miami come to Naples to vacation for the weekend and we go there for a day. I’m seeing more east coasters come to my office on a quest to come to Naples permanently. They love Naples for it’s cleanliness, great dining and it’s peaceful atmosphere. We’re laid-back here but we still have all the luxury and high-end homes with some of the best beaches on the Gulf of Mexico — and the world.”

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