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Short Sales in Naples, FL

This is the complete list of Naples Florida Short Sales. The homes and condos listed here are for sale as a short sale property.

There is a difference between a short sale and a foreclosed home. None of these homes or condos listed for sale here are foreclosures. For a list of all Naples foreclosures, please go to our Foreclosure page.

Short Sales in Naples FL:

Any offers on short sale properties must be approved by the owner and also the lender. The short sale process can take from 30 days for some bank approved short sales to 6 months or longer. Much of the process depends on the lender’s procedures and how quickly they can move through each stage of the short sale process.

If you have any questions or wish to view any of these properties, please contact us or call (239) 417-1115 to speak to a live Realtor who can assist you with any Naples short sale.

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