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Office Preview

An real estate office preview is a great way to hit the ground running. Realtors get a chance to preview your home and learn about the home’s best features before bringing by potential buyers. The goal is more showings, and if you’re fortunate, a quick sale of your home.

If your listing agent belongs to a fairly sizable office, an “office preview” will introduce your house to other agents working in the same office. In effect, they get a “head start” on selling your property. Once a week, the office’s agents will get together, share vehicles, and “caravan” to all of the new listings. They generally pull up in front of your house at about the same time (some even use a bus) then file quickly through your home to see all the rooms and best features.

It can be amazing to watch.

Some may go through quickly, while others methodically open each closet. They are usually looking for anything memorable or different and to determine if your house is one that would fit their client’s needs. Then they all pile back into their cars and move on to the next house on the tour.

But some of them come back…with buyers.

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