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Real Estate Office Advertising

Real Estate Office Advertising

As mentioned previously, advertising your home in newspapers and magazines rarely sells your home directly. Most buyers begin their search for real estate online these days. Buyers are more likely to see your home on, or than they are in a local newspaper.

You still want to be certain the real estate company selling your house runs some ads, whether they feature your house or not. Ads do generate interest from home buyers. Those buyers may go online to see more pictures or bring the ad to their buyer’s agent. Or you could be one of the lucky ones – someone calling on your house may actually end up buying it.

You should also realize that when a company advertises the homes they have for sale, there is more than one objective. Sure, the real estate office wants to generate phone calls and sell those houses, but the truth is print advertising also shows home sellers how effectively they market properties.

The advertising brings in more listings, which generate more ad calls, which produces more buyers….and that is how real estate advertising really works.

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