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Secrets Tips to Whip Your Realtor into Shape

How to Charm Your RealtorFirst off, a note of safety. Please do not actually “whip” your Realtor. It would really hurt—unless you’re into that sort of thing. So, for safety’s sake, let’s replace “whip” with “charm” in our title and move on.

Just as certain people have a way of charming the sales clerk into giving them a better deal than the next person in line, there are several things a buyer or seller can do to gain more attention and better results from their Realtor of choice.

I can hear the choir already. My colleagues reading this will all claim to do the “best job” and go “above and beyond” for each and every client they come in contact with. The reality is that we all have favorite children, even if we tell them they’re equally loved and adored.

Assuming you’ve done your research and hired the best real estate professional available, there are several tips you can use to make sure you and your home stays at the top of the stack in their mind and heart.

  • Honey Sticks – As your mother probably told you, kindness begets kindness. If you want your home to be at the top of your Realtor’s mind, smile a lot and be positive even when you question why an open house was closed early or an advertisement misprinted your home price. Find out the circumstances, before jumping to conclusions. Besides, smiling will make you feel better and you’ll be healthier and less stressed.
  • Time’s Tick-in – You’ve done your research, interviewed and chosen the best Realtor in the area. She also happens to be one of the busiest. Respect her time (and yours) and use it wisely. Make a list of any questions you have and write a concise email (or text for those so inclined) with your questions numbered in order of priority. Your agent will appreciate this and your response may be quicker than leaving a phone message.
  • Put it in Writing – Compliments are a great way to get anyone’s attention. What your Realtor will love more than complimenting them on their market savvy, is writing them a 5-star review on,, and/or their website. Reviews are crucial to gain trust, especially when potential clients are looking for an agent online. A brief, glowing review before your home is even sold will make your Realtor eager to live up to your kind words.
  • Make the 1st Offer in Loyalty – Real estate involves contractual agreements between you and your Realtor in addition to contracts for buying or selling your home. The biggest fear most agents have is asking a seller to sign a listing renewal. If your selling agent is doing a good job and you know the listing is expiring soon, contact him to set up a time to sign an extension. You’re not letting him off the hook for getting it sold (remember homes can be on the market much longer these days, in our area sometimes over 300 days), but you’ll take that undue stress out of the equation. Your agent will appreciate your loyalty and work even harder to keep it. Buyers can also show their loyalty upfront. Buyer loyalty goes a long way in real estate. Even the great agents are always looking over their shoulders and wondering if their buyers are being chased down by unscrupulous agents who prey on them while they’re having a drink at a local bar or enjoying a latte at Starbucks. These agents spy the listing documents in their hands and approach with promises of, “better deals they know of.” Surprise your agent by asking for an additional stack of business cards that you will hand out to fellow agents identifying you as their client. Explain that while driving around you may see an open house you hadn’t planned on seeing and you’ll be sure to let any agent inside know, “you’re working with someone.” Additionally, you can offer (if you haven’t been asked already) to sign a Buyers Broker Agreement (an agreement that get’s you extra benefits as well) stating your loyalty to them in writing. Personally, I’ve had this happen once and it was a shocking moment. My client came right out and asked to sign the agreement before I even brought it up. What it did to me was enforce a loyalty I already felt and propel me to look even harder for the perfect home for them.

Use these secrets to make your current Realtor swoon. In no time, they will be chomping at the bit to sell your home or find you the best deal in town!


  1. Niki on December 11, 2010 at 7:25 pm

    Love this post! Should be a must read for Realtors, buyers and sellers. Keeep up the great writing!

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