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36 Sales Opening Day at Riverstone Naples!

Riverstone Naples

36 Sales on Opening day at Riverstone in Naples FL. “We slept in our cars overnight to be the first in line to buy at Riverstone,” according to Derek Anderson Realtor for White Sands Realty in Olde Naples. “People wanted the biggest and best cul-de-sac lots on the lake and they were willing to wait over 12 hours to be first in line. Naples Florida real estate is looking positive no matter how you slice and dice it.”

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Busier Spring & Summer for Naples Luxury Homes

The Naples luxury home market saw an increase in overall sales this summer. This corresponds to figures released from the National Association of Realtors (NAR). According to NAR, the home sales for $1 million plus homes were up .7 percent in July 2010 as compared to last year at the same time. These figures are…

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Naples Florida “Miami without the Glitz” – New York Times

Mark Weber, Broker/Owner of White Sands Realty, enjoys reviewing articles and information that is relevant to buying or selling homes in Naples. The recent New York Times article featuring Naples, Florida gave some insight on the writer’s experience when spending “36 Hours In Naples” getting a feel for the community.  The journalist made a comparison…

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Naples FL Home Sells For $13 Million Cash

Uber-Luxury Real Estate is “On Fire” Another uber-luxury home sold in the exclusive Naples, Florida community of Port Royal for $13 million on Tuesday. It was an all cash transaction. This is the third home to sell for over $9 million in less than a month. The sale went for about 18% less than the listing price of $15.9 million. This estate…

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Agency Duties of a Transaction Broker Listing Agent

The agency duties of a real estate listing agent in Florida differ depending on which agency relationship is specified. Under an Exclusive Right and Authority to Sell Agreement, the default agency relationship in a Naples Area Board of Realtors contract in Naples, Florida is Transaction Broker. A Transaction Broker may show your property to a…

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Exclusive Right of Sale Listing Agreement

The Exclusive Right of Sale Listing Agreement is the most widely accepted and used type of listing agreement for residential property in Florida. The Exclusive Right of Sale Listing Agreement gives the brokerage the exclusive right to list the home on the MLS, and represent the homeowner in the sale of the home. The agreement details the…

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Exclusive Agency Listing

An Exclusive Agency Listing allows a real estate agent to list and market your home on the MLS, guaranteeing them a commission if the house sells through any real estate agent or brokerage firm. It also allows sellers to seek out buyers on their own without paying a real estate commission. This is not a…

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Title Insurance

Title insurance protects the home owner and/or a lender (if there is a loan outstanding on the property) against any title defect or dispute that may arise. Lenders require title insurance to close on your home, but if you pay cash you don’t have to purchase title insurance – although we do not recommend that. Who should…

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Inspections You Should Require

Besides an appraisal and the termite inspection, you should also have a professional home inspector go through the house and seek out potential problems. Of course, you will have inspected the home, but you are not used to looking at some things that a professional will find. Even if they are not things the seller…

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