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Showing Your Home to Potential Home Buyers

Your house should always be available for show, even though it may occasionally be inconvenient for you. Let your listing agent put a lock box in a convenient place, to make it easy for other agents to show your home to homebuyers. Otherwise, agents will have to schedule appointments, which is an inconvenience. Most will…

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“Hot Market” Under-Pricing Sales Technique

Listing Commissions and Techniques that Can Backfire During a “hot market” or seller’s market there is a certain marketing technique which, though very effective, could cause trouble because of the way the contract is written. This is the practice of “under-pricing” the home. In a hot market, a home that is under-priced gets a lot…

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De-personalize the House

The main reason you want to “depersonalize” your home is because you want real estate buyers to view it as their potential home. When a potential homebuyer sees your family photos hanging on the wall, it puts your own brand on the home and momentarily shatters their illusions about owning the house. Therefore, put away…

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