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Beachfront Condos For Sale Naples FL

Naples, FL  #1 Place to Retire 2020 As a Naples native, one of the most frequent questions I’m asked is, “Is Naples, Florida a good place to live and retire?” You may be thinking, “Is Naples, FL safe?, “Is Naples a good place to retire?” or “Would I be happy living in Naples seasonally or year-round?”…

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Save Up To $500 in Florida Property Taxes Before March 1, 2020

Don’t Miss Out on Your Florida Homestead Exemption If you’re a homeowner or had a change in home ownership in Naples FL, you can apply for a homestead exemption. The Florida Constitution grants homeowners up to a $50,000 exemption on the appraised value of their home. This year, a full exemption is worth up to…

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Christmas Naples FL

Christmas time is always a fun and festive time of year. Celebrating Christmas and the holidays in Naples, FL is just as fun and unlike most of the country, you can wear shorts while touring Christmas lights outside and not get frostbite! We’ve compiled the Top 3 Fun Things To Do While Celebrating Christmas in…

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Larry Bird's House in Naples FL

Naples, Florida is a paradise that has been discovered by many looking to own their piece of real estate in Southwest Florida – including some notable celebrities. Just like us average Joe’s, celebrities are drawn to Naples for it’s quiet sophistication, amazing beaches and privacy. It’s easier to blend-in and avoid the celebrity stalkers of…

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