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Other Factors Influencing Your Offer Price

Comparable Sales and Your Offer Price Gathering and analyzing information from comparable sales helps to establish the price range you should consider when making an offer to buy a home. More weight should be given to the most recent sales (in the last 3 to 6 months), but even so, you need to do a…

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Comparable Sales in the Multiple Listing Service

Most of the public is aware that the Multiple Listing Service is a private resource where Real Estate Professionals list properties available for sale. Recently, the public has been able to access some of that information on such sites as,, and others. Once a property is sold and the transaction has closed,…

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Determining Your Offer Price

When you prepare an offer to purchase a home, you already know the seller’s asking price or list price. But what price are you going to offer and how do you come up with that figure? Determining your offer price is a three-step process. First, look at recent sales of similar properties or comparable sales…

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