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The “For Sale” Sign

It seems fairly obvious that when you put your house up for sale that your agent will put a “for sale” sign in the front yard. The sign will identify the agent’s company, the agent, and have a phone number so prospective buyers can call and get information.

Some communities do not allow signs at all, others have strict rules as to color, size and lettering. They may also have rules about open house signs. Check with your management company or consult your Home Owner’s Association documents. Make sure you and your Realtor abide by the all community rules regarding signage.

Signs are great at generating phone calls, even if very few actually purchase the home they call about. However, you might be one of the lucky ones. For that reason, you should determine what happens when someone calls the number on the sign. The agents cell phone works best.

You want someone to answer the phone while the caller is engaged. When buyers call the number on the sign, the call should go to a live person who can answer questions immediately. Your should be ready to answer questions about square feet, taxes or anything else a potential buyer may ask.

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