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Tips for Getting Great Home Deals in Naples, FL

Getting a get great home deal in today’s real estate market in Naples can be accomplished if you follow these easy suggestions.

  • Research comparable sales to get a discount of the market value , not just the asking price.
  • Regular sales can often be better deals than short sales or foreclosures.
  • Be flexible look for properties that have been reduced in price one or more times. White Sands Realty provides our clients with detailed listing histories showing each date and amount a home was reduced in price. This is great information but should be used in combination with comparable closed sales to find the true value priced homes for sale.
  • Research Days on Market (DOM) ask your Realtor for the average DOM in the location your looking for a home. For clients looking for Naples properties, we provide the ability to search for a range of DOM right on our Property Search. We also give them the current DOM for any community, just ask us.
  • No low-ball offers. If you find a property that is priced right and do the research to know the price at which it’s a great deal, don’t get greedy or think you have to come in super low to get to the number you have in mind. Low-ball offers offend sellers and usually end all negotiations right there. You don’t need to low-ball if you do your homework first.
  • Keep your mouth closed – Don’t rave about how much you love a home in front of the homeowner (we try to make sure they aren’t around during client showings) or insult the sellers by making a laundry list of things that you would do to the home to make the home “livable.” Remember they live there now and consider it their home. Offending a seller is not a good start for negotiating a great deal. Keep the numbers from your research at the forefront of all negotiations and avoid insults or unnecessary comments.


  1. George on October 6, 2010 at 11:01 am

    Thanks for the tips!

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