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Who Buys Naples Homes? – 5 Buyer Profiles

First-off, nobody likes to be profiled. Whether at the airport taking a flight or walking into the real estate sales office at a shiny, new home model. We are all unique and deserve respect.

Yet, clients often are asked who is the “usual buyer” of Naples Florida real estate today. Some want to get an idea of the mix of age and lifestyle that make up the area and others want to know who their Realtor should be marketing and selling their home to.

Naples FL Pier at Sunset

People on Naples Pier

So here goes my, semi-humorous (since there is a bit of truth in everything we say), attempt at the 5 buyers who purchase homes in Naples, Florida. Any similarities to clients or readers is purely coincidental.

1. Mr. & Mrs. 2nd Home – Naples is primarily a second, third or even fourth home market. These buyers may be affluent buyers for luxury homes in Port Royal or Grey Oaks, business owners looking for a vacation retreat or average people who see the value and can now afford a second home in Naples. They may stay for a few weeks at a time or for the entire season (December through Easter).

2. Mr. & Mrs. New Job that nobody in Naples qualified for – We see this more often lately as businesses have wider selection of top employees available. Others, in industries like financial services see Naples as a high-income retirement area and decide to give it a shot on their own.

3. Mr. or Mrs. or both, I’m retiring now or in a couple of years and I want to take advantage of these great deals before they pass me by – Most of these buyers are smart with their money and did not buy during the real estate bubble a few years ago. They are savvy, usually cash buyers, that know what they want and where they want to live out their retirement years.

4. Mr. & Mrs. I paid too much in 2006 but I want to take advantage of the deals now even though I’ll lose money on the sale of my current home -Unfortunately, this is the case for many who purchased in the real estate buying frenzy a few years ago. On a positive note, many of these buyers do make up most, if not all, of the difference when they purchase a newer home at today’s discounted prices.

5. Mr. & Mrs. I’m tired of shoveling snow, I’ve been on vacation in Naples and now I want to live there – Naples, Florida has a lot going for it with it’s tropical weather, the Gulf of Mexico, very low crime and pristine streets. Nobody shovels snow here and the only flurries we see are the ones created by the fake snow makers on the light poles on Third Street South at Christmas time. These buyers may have children and understand what a great place Naples is to raise and educate their sons and daughters.

Whatever your reason, background or desires, Naples is a great place to live. They call it the “Paradise Coast” for a reason. We have something for everyone and it shows on the happy faces of our fellow Neapolitans.


  1. Darla Mae on December 19, 2010 at 1:26 pm

    We’re the first one, Mr. & Mrs. 2nd home. Wish we could spend even more time here. Golf in Naples doesn’t get much better and we’ve made a lot of friends here!

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