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Why We Excel As Naples Realtors

When searching for Naples homes, keep in mind there are about 346 Naples real estate firms for you to choose from. Some specialize in rental properties or even commercial property, but not everyone is the same when it comes to the level of service and knowledge they provide. When you Google “Naples Realtors” we most often come out at the top of the pack,  but what truly makes makes White Sands Realty excel above our local real estate competitors?

#1. We Protect You.

Protecting the public is a Realtors #1 job. If we sell you absolutely nothing, we will have done our job correctly if along the way we stopped you from being taken advantage of. Unscrupulous sellers and shady lenders are just a few of the obstacles in the real estate market to be aware of. We also want you to get the best deal possible on the Naples home of your dreams. We won’t let you buy a bad deal. We will do everything we can to research the sold and available homes to find the comparable market value that is right in this buyers’ market. Our mission is for you to hire us as your Realtor for Life. In other words, we would rather sell you 2 or 3 homes over your lifetime than have you buy 1 home today that you are unhappy in. We want you to refer us to all your friends and family because you love your home and felt safe during the purchase or sale. Our future depends on your satisfaction and reviews of our performance as your Naples Realtor.

#2. We Listen.

Listening tWhite Sands Realtyo a buyer or seller’s needs, desires and requirements is paramount. If a Realtor doesn’t  hang on a client’s every word, he shouldn’t be in the business. Who likes it when a pushy car salesman tells you what car would fit your style and budget? Similarly, whenever I hear a real estate agent talking over his client and telling her he knows the perfect property she should make an offer on before even seeing it, I cringe. You know you best and it’s our job to listen intently to your likes and dislikes as we show you Naples properties, not to push you into something we think is best. Buyers are smart and they know what is best for them. A Realtors’ tastes and preferences don’t matter the slightest.

#3. Knowledge.

Really, what do you need a Realtor for if not for their local knowledge. Our knowledge and passing it on to our clients is what makes us stand out in the crowd.

I’ve been in Naples over 30 years. Along the way I’ve seen a lot of changes. Communities like the Vineyards and Pelican Bay were just on the drawing board when I arrived. I learned about waterfront homes by actually boating down the bays and coves of areas like Port Royal and Aqualane Shores. Learning the Naples waterfront and where larger sailboats and deep water yachts can dock and navigate to the Gulf of Mexico can be a daunting task. We know this area inside and out. Whether it’s beachfront, top golf communities, or new Naples homes, our knowledge benefits you in spades.

Our knowledge doesn’t stop there. We have extensive experience in contract negotiations; dealing with builders and working with title companies, lenders, property appraisers, contractors and home inspectors. Educating ourselves in each of these fields is vital to helping our clients have a smooth and seamless real estate transaction.

I can’t promise you that every Naples real estate transaction will be flawless – we are all imperfect to start with. What I can promise is that we go above and beyond to protect you, listen to you and depart every morsel of knowledge we have to overcome any bumps along the way. Our goal is to put a smile on your face that won’t go away that first night when you lay your head down on your pillow in your new Naples home. As you drift off to sleep we want your last thought to be, “I love this place!”

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